Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Kite

So I forgot to add in my last post, one of the greatest parts of mother's day:
Kayla woke up at 6 AM and Sean got up with her only to turn on a show and fall asleep on the living room floor (we were up with bad allergies all night). At about 10:30, kayla opened my door "Mom, I brought you breakfast in bed" with a huge toothless grin. "Oh my gosh, thank you Kayla!" As she got closer, I could see it was a peanut butter and jelly toaster waffle sandwich. I took it and when I went to pick up the sandwich, the waffles were still frozen! "Mom, Dad couldn't help use the toaster and so it's still cold, I hope you don't mind." Huge hug and more thank you's. By far, the best breakfast in bed EVER.

We took the kids to fly kites last night because the weather was just right. It got cold (it's been in the 80s and suddenly there was a cold wind that came through). The boys loved the kite. McKay was terrified at first and really worried about this weird looking winged woman on a string in the sky (go figure). After he realized what was going on, he wanted to fly the kite, and, as you can see, so did Brody. They managed to fly it a bit and watched us fly it mostly. Love having fun with these kids!

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miriam said...

Kayla! That is just so precious. My heart melted. And I love your description of the kite. Too funny.