Friday, February 14, 2014


I have literally been asked the question "do you recommend having twins?" I thought and thought about this question. Do I even recommend my crazy life? Well, if it's between that and a private white sand beach um....

Wednesday morning I got home from work at 7:00 AM, my usual time. I was so tired I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. Apparently McKay was upset because he wanted me to get out of bed at 9 AM. So as any intelligent two year old would do, he problem-solved. No sooner had I entered my 2 hour REM sleep cycle, a one liter cup of ice water was dumped on my head. I did what any other normal person would do: jumped and screamed VERY loudly. Sean understood clearly that this may turn volatile so he put down some towels (the majority of the bed was soaked), directed my half asleep, soaked head to a dry pillow, and took McKay out of the room. I slept the rest of my short "night" on the small corner of the bed which was left dry. So McKay, I know you are only two and there is an essence of innocence that resonates in your sweet little voice. However, I would like to teach you a little concept called "payback". There will come a time when you are lazily sleeping in and your attitude exceeds your desire to listen to your mother. Well, it'll be then when I get to dump a liter of ice water on YOUR head. And believe me, it will happen!

Did I mention that Brody climbed in to the dryer and McKay turned the dryer on? Yeah that happened. Sean said the blood curdling scream could be heard a mile away. Sean heard 2 "thuds" before he reached the dryer to turn it off so our guess is he spun twice. Brody wasn't hurt, just traumatized. Needless to say, NO one has climbed in to the dryer since!

So we continue this journey of survival. I struggle to manage the life of handling a household of rowdy children, a constant messy house, and full time work. Sean is still in school but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! He will be a 2014 graduate, woohoo!

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Joel and Becky said...

Oh my!! Hannah!! That would not be an awesome way to wake up! :) That little McKay is quite a problem solver! :) you are a total super star!! We're excited for you guys that Sean is graduating this yr!! You're awesome!