Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mystic, CT

I have refocused on journaling for my family. I feel that this life is so short and my brain is too small to fit all the memories in it. I have to purge my memories in a written format in order to keep them and share them with my children. My mom has tried hard to record memories in writing which has become something that my children beg me to read to them often. My hope is that one day my kids will share their childhood with their own children.

One of the first day trips we took when we arrived in our home in New England was Mystic, Connecticut. This place is amazing. I think it's one of the first places I have seen where I could imagine myself retiring here and living a fairy tail for the rest of my life. The town is cute, little shops like anything else but the thing that sets this place apart from any other small town is the way that it is nested in a small ocean inlet. There is a drawbridge that separates the two main areas of the town. There is a lot of foot traffic on the bridge but it's stopped by little pedestrian drop gates when the bridge is preparing to lift. The people all stop to watch as the bridge makes way for sail boats. This might sound like the most annoying thing in the world but it is so cool! The kids loved to watch the bridge and see the huge sail boats go through. There is a museum (which was outside our budget to visit) which had huge ships that looked like they were from a pirate movie. We ate at Mystic Pizza (where they filmed the Julia Roberts movie, Mystic Pizza), had ice cream at some really yummy place right by the drawbridge (may have even been called Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream). So basically, if my dreams come true I will retire there and you can come visit me in my porch rocking chair.

Watching the Drawbridge