Saturday, November 14, 2015

New England and New York Adventures

Let me tell you the real goal here: I am trying to get everything up to date so I can FINALLY print my blog for my kids. I hope this is the last post because my brain is fried.

There are so many things I have left out but I will give it a try:

Rhode Island: We visited the beach where Taylor Swift has a mansion. The beach was beautiful, sand soft and there was a beautiful view of a lighthouse. Rhode Island is pretty, green and quiet. I think people who live there are probably really pleased with themselves for being native to Rhode Island....I mean it is very awesome.

Tower of the Sleeping Giant: We took the wrong trail and ended up hiking a long and steep hike. It was the closest to Utah hiking I have seen since I have been out here. When you get to the castle, you can go to the top and see the view, it's beautiful! Brody and McKay found a little dirt mound outside the castle so they were entertained the entire time. They also found the one tiny, nasty, stagnant puddle which existed up there. Yep and they played in it. Gross.
(This isn't actually the Sleeping Giant, it's called Mead Chapel in Westchester County bit it's better)

Kent, CT: The grandest display of Fall colors I saw this season, absolutely beautiful. Something that is interesting about Connecticut and all of New England are the thousands of Random cemeteries from the 1700s. These cemeteries look so cool with a backdrop of fall leaves. We stopped at a cemetery right outside of Kent in the middle of nowhere. As we walked through the tombstones, we came across a pile of bones on the corner of the cemetery. We looked at them for a long while and saw that they looked like human bones. The leg bone was long and thick just like a human. The hip bone seemed round and crested just like a person's hip. We called the police and they came to check it out. The officer called me and said they had determined they were deer bones. Hm. That was embarrassing. It gave us some serious excitement though.
(New England, fall colors)

New York: Of course we cannot forget the fact that we live super close to NYC which is so much fun. We have explored Times Square, Central Park, Metro Museum of Art, The Boathouse, Ground Zero, The Statue of Liberty, St John's Cathedral, Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park, Columbia University, Harlem, Wall Street, Broadway and lots of other things in between. We took Kayla down to see the Statue of Liberty and she loved it. It's amazing to see so many things that are recognizable because from movies, news and other media sources. NYC is such a lively place. There are many more things to explore there and we can't wait to do more!

The Pez Factory: Located in Orange, CT, this was a fun day trip. You have to pay a few dollars to get in (really cheap for the kids especially) and then they include a 2.00 credit for the Pez shop and the kids get a bingo card which they earn a free Pez dispenser just for participating! The factory area can be viewed from the museum but it was closed on Saturday when we went. Well worth the drive and effort! We visited 2 months ago and the kids still ask if we can go visit the "candy factory". Staff was awesome too!

Of all the adventures we have been on, my very favorite is my stay at home adventure! This is the first time I have ever been able to stay home with the kids. It is so amazing to be here with them, read to them, hug them more, listen to their thousands of opinions throughout the day, and make them my main focus. It's been almost three months now and I don't want to quit yet. Staying home is difficult but I love it, I am finally getting my chance.


miriam said...

They told you it was deer bones as a cover up for sure. Mysterious ... and no skull?? hmmmm, I'm so curious. "listen to their thousands of opinions throughout the day" in other words, listen to screaming, fighting and yelling all day? I can relate to that description a little better.

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